The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 2

We go on to a short portion: Romans 6:8-11

v8: Live with Him: Paul is not talking, here, about eternal life. He is talking about our behaviour in this life…our lifestyle in this world. Messiah’s life becomes our life. The way He lived should be how we want to live our lives. His will and ministry are now going to be lived out through our lives. 

v9: Having been raised: Again, written in the passive. See Roms 6:4

  • Dies no more: When Yeshua rose from the dead the expectation was, and rightly so, that He would never die again. This is the same expectation we have. Our bodies may die physically, but we will never die spiritually – meaning that we will never be separated from the love of G-d or His Kingdom promises. We have assurance and a perfect hope. 
  • Death no longer has dominion over Him: Resurrection is a testimony that shows that Yeshua defeated death. We who believe that we have been united with Him in the likeness of His death also believe that we are together with Him through His resurrection. This, therefore, means that neither sin nor death have any power, lordship or dominion over us. 

v10: Once for all: This means it does not need to be repeated. Yeshua’s sacrifice was perfect eternally. 

Note: Baptism has to do with being united with the things that Yeshua experienced. When we, by faith, enter into that New Covenant (saying ‘yes’ to the gospel) His experience becomes our experience. This is why we can have a wonderful assurance – G-d sees us as righteous because of the righteousness of His only begotten Son. Our sin was placed on Yeshua and His righteousness was placed upon us (imputed to us) the moment we believed. 

v11: Reckon: Consider or think of. This is the way we need to think. 

  • Reckon yourselves: This is a command.
  • Alive to G-d: The only way we can be alive to G-d is in, or through, Messiah Yeshua. Being IN Messiah means being in a new covenant relationship with Him. When we are alive to G-d it means that He now becomes the Master of our lives. It is His will, His purposes, and His objectives which we become committed to. 
  • Our L-rd: Everything we do needs to be brought under the authority of Messiah Yeshua. We are called to submit to Him and to do everything for His glory. 

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