The Book of Romans Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 5

We are going to end this week with Romans 8:31-39

We all need encouragement from time to time. One thing that gives us encouragement is assurance – knowing something for sure. When it comes to the promises of G-d, we can be assured that what He says He will do. This portion of Scripture assures us about G-d’s love for us, as well as assures us that nothing will be able to separate us from this love. 

v31: These things: Referring to the promises of G-d that Paul has just been speaking about – that we have been predestined to become like Messiah (righteous and holy). This transformation is only completed when we receive our new bodies – our incorruptible Kingdom bodies. This does not mean that we become divine. That is heresy. It simply means that we are going to agree with G-d (being faithful and obedient servants to G-d) and are going to reflect His glory (we do not have glory in and of ourselves). 

  • G-d: Context bears out that this is referring to Father G-d (see Roms 8:32…He who did not spare His Son). 
  • G-d is for us: G-d loves us (Roms 5:8) and, when we have been reconciled to Him through the blood of His Son, He desires to bless us. 
  • Who can be against us:  We have become part of G-d’s family. We have become His adopted children. So, if G-d, our Father, is for us it really does not matter who is against us. 

v32: Us all: All who are in covenantal relationship with G-d. G-d gave His Son for all of the world (John 3:16), but the only ones who are going to be recipients of this free gift are those who receive it by faith. 

  • With Him: This is a redemptive phrase. We are “with Him” because of the fact that He has redeemed us, forgiven us and done the work of reconciliation.
  • Freely give: Giving without limitation. This is the grace of G-d in action. He doesn’t hold back or withhold from us, but He is overflowing in His generosity toward us. We, as children of G-d, are called to be like Him – a generous people. 

v33: Who shall bring a charge against G-d’s elect?: Noone can bring charges against us – except for G-d. But once we have entered into a new covenant with Him, He justifies us – He makes us righteous. 

  • Elect: After we have entered into a covenantal relationship with G-d we are elected or chosen by faith. 
  • Justifies: He is the One who has made us righteous.

v34: Condemns: Literally: Judges down.

  • It is Messiah: G-d the Father is the ultimate Judge of judges and King of kings. However, in Dan 7:13-14 when Yeshua comes before the Ancient of Days (Father G-d, G-d Almighty) He inherits (Heb 1:2). This inheritance includes all matters of judgment (condemnation). Messiah is the One who has the authority now to condemn. 
  • Is risen: The resurrection is one of the most important events in history (1 Cor 15:14). 
  • Makes intercession for us: Yeshua takes our prayers and empowers them in order that His intercession (His prayers for us) has a glorious outcome for us. 

v35: Distress: This is a word that speaks about pressure – something becoming very narrow and pressing against someone, afflicting them. We could also translate it as ‘affliction’. 

  • Sword: This is a reference to war. 

Note: None of these things can separate us from the love of G-d. This is an eternal promise which is not dependant on us. Once we enter into the new covenant relationship with G-d it becomes His responsibility (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) to hold onto us and never let us be plucked from His hand (John 10:28-30). Once we believe, we have eternal security. In a true believer this eternal security does not motivate us to sin – we don’t go around thinking about how we can get away with things. Sometimes we do stumble and fail but this should grieve us and not bring us joy. Nothing good comes from sin. 

v36: It has been written: That which has been written in the past (Biblically) is still relevant into the future. This is quoted from Ps 44:22. 

v37: More (than conquerors): Beyond, in an overflowing manner. We are not just going to scrape through with a minor victory, but we are going to be more than victorious thanks to G-d’s workmanship in our lives. 

  • Him who loved us: Referring to Messiah Yeshua.

v38: I am persuaded: This is the assurance that Paul had and that we, as believers, need to have. Nothing was going to change Paul’s mind about this. 

  • Neither death nor life: It doesn’t matter if we live or if we die – G-d’s promises remain true. 
  • Present: This word is written in the perfect tense. This means this is relevant, and will hold true, for the past, present and future. 

v39: Note: Those who are saved can have an absolute assurance of this wonderful promise!

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