The Book of Ruth Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Our last reading for this week is going to be Ruth 2:10-23

v10: The word “why” is important. Why did she find favour in his eyes? Why did he provide for her? Because she was wise and humble enough to be Biblically obedient. The formula for success is to do things G-d’s way. The formula for failure is to do it our own way. 

v11: In many ways, Ruth’s faith resembles Abrahams – he had left his family, culture, and birthplace, to go to a land that he had never seen.  Abraham had also been a Gentile when he had initially set out. G-d created a new people from him – and He is still doing that!

v12: In Hebrews 6:10 it tells us that G-d is faithful to remember the work and love shown toward Him. 

  • The word for ‘wings’ is a word which can also mean ‘corner’ – it is related to the 4 cornered garment worn as a mitzvah. (Num 15:37-41) – Ruth had come under the protection of G-d because she had obeyed His commands. 

v13: Ruth was not like one of his maidservants but was to become Boaz’ wife. She was going to experience the FULLNESS of G-d’s redemptive plan. She had utilized the Word of G-d and, in doing so, she had found favor. She experienced G-d’s covenant purposes by Boaz and through Boaz. 

v14: By making her sit with the harvesters Boaz acknowledged that she too was working – at spiritual work – so she, too, received a blessing. A blessing of such abundance she was able to share it with another. Ruth ate and was satisfied – see Deut 8:10.

v15-16: Boaz granted her permission to glean some of his harvest. He made an exception for her as he wanted her to have in abundance. Even so in our lives, G-d wants us to have abundance so that we are provided for, BUT ALSO so that we are able to be a blessing to others. 

v17: This is a good amount of grain for a day’s work. Ruth could sell this to make a profit to care for any other needs she and Naomi might have had. 

v18: She gave Naomi what she had worked for, and she also gave her the added blessing of the leftover meal. What she gave, Naomi received. 

v19: Naomi knew that the abundance of barley and the ready prepared food, given to her by Ruth, was not a normal day’s ‘wage’ for destitute people who went out to glean.  It was a supernatural supply. 

v20: Naomi recognized that G-d was at work here.  She was beginning to once more mature spiritually and was even starting to talk about G-d again!

v21-23: This was not a one-day blessing. This was a blessing for an extended period of time.  The feast of weeks culminates in Pentecost – a new thing, a change. 

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  1. Shalom I feel uplifted when I study the Bible with your explanations, May Gracious Lord shows His mercy on us.

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