The Book of Ruth Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 2

We are going to read Ruth 3:11-18

v11: Boaz was willing to obey the Biblical command, take Ruth as his wife and raise an heir for Mahlon (Ruth 4:10)– her deceased husband. 

v12: There is an order to be followed by those who can fulfil this commandment. The idea here is that one should want to do it – one should want to be used by G-d to obey the commandment and bless another. In this instance the other man had more right to perform this commandment than Boaz had.

v15: Six is the number of grace. (Ruth was given a measure of G-d’s grace) G-d gives us grace that His desires and will for us might be fulfilled. And what is His desire for us ultimately? That we may dwell in His house forever (Kingdom experience).

v16: Is that you?: This was an unusual way for Naomi to greet Ruth. (In Genesis 27 Esau came to steal Jacob’s blessing. Isaac had said to Esau,” I want to bless you before I die. Go out and make me a meal so that I may eat and bless you. Esau should have told Isaac that he had sold his birth right to his brother, Jacob.  When Jacob went before Isaac to be blessed Isaac said to him, “Who are you my son?” There was something spiritual happening here – something had changed. What has changed was that Jacob became the first born because he had purchased Esau’s blessing and so he legitimately received the outcome of it.)  We see the same thing with Ruth. She became a new person, given a new identity, She was going to be married. She would never be the same again. 

v17: This blessing, that Boaz was going to do, was not just for Ruth, not just for her deceased husband, but also a blessing to Naomi.  Boaz wanted his act of obedience to be a blessing to all people. He went beyond the minimal. 

v18: Boaz was not an individual who was slow to obey. When G-d’s opportunity came before him to act he wanted to do it “that day”. Boaz demonstrated an urgency to obey G-d. 

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