The Book of Ruth Bible Study Chapter 4 Part 3

We end off the book of Ruth by reading Ruth 4:16-22

The book of Ruth is called the Scroll/Megillah of Ruth. The word “Mĕgillāh” comes from a word that means “to reveal something” or “to uncover something”. These books, that are called megillot in plural form, usually have significance for the last days. The book of Ruth reveals important truth concerning the last days. This book has Messianic implications 

Raising up the name of the deceased, by producing an heir, personifies resurrection.  There is an emphasis on “raising up the name of the deceased” to show us the connection between redemption and resurrection.  The resurrection is foundational for hope of eternal life. Without resurrection there is no eternal life, no hope of a future that is blessed by G-d and one can only expect damnation.  Judgement. It is only though resurrection and redemption that we can be confident of future hope. 

In these final verses we are going to concentrate on Naomi. Although she may not have been the main character, she is the one that has been coaching and discipling Ruth. She began that when they were in Moab – maybe not with the intention of doing so – but they grew close and loved one another. Why was Ruth so strongly committed to Naomi? Ruth realised that Naomi’s influence in her life helped her to come to faith in the G-d of Israel. Learning to have faith in, and learning to obey, G-d is a great blessing. What Ruth learnt from Naomi she applied to her life. 

v16: On her bosom: Close to her heart, her faith

  • Nurse: Naomi became Obed’s tutor, or trainer, in the things of G-d. Naomi had undergone a transformation. When she came back from Moab she was discouraged, bitter about her life and bitter about G-d. When redemption is experienced, by an individual, it will bring change into their life – how they think and how they behave. 

v17: There was a very close relationship between this child and Naomi. 

  • Obed means ‘to work’. It is a name that reminds us that through this event ‘G-d is working, functioning, moving’. This child brought about the outcome of G-d’s work. 

Three generations – Obed, Jesse, David. Three is for the purpose of revealing something.  This reveals to us a Biblical genealogy …

v18-22: There is an emphasis on David. What the Scripture is revealing is that G-d is at work in bringing David to life. But when we think about David we should be not thinking just about David but about the exalted SON of David – Messiah Yeshua. 

This Scripture is showing us a family that has suffered judgement. It is a foretaste, or a picture, of a worse judgement that is coming. An eternal judgement…being cut off from the promises of G-d. Because of one woman, everything changed for this family. Ruth encountered the G-d of Israel, responded in faith and obedience, and G-d went to work in the line of David. And what did David bring about? 

G-d made a covenant with him. (2 Samuel 7) 

This covenant is prophetic about the Son of David. He who will sit upon His throne forever and ever. (Everyone agrees that this is Messiah)

Why is Perez emphasised in this verse? We have already mentioned that he was the firstborn son of Tamar, who got pregnant through obedience to the command found in Deut 25:5-10. 

Verses 18-22 refer to Matthew 1. The book of Matthew is a continuation of the book of Ruth. Ruth lays a foundation for the good news of the Messiah. Without Ruth it would never have happened in this way…in G-d’s pre-announced way – that is through the lineage that He had chosen. 

In the genealogy of Messiah (Matt 1) four women (excluding Mary) are recognised. (Four relates to a global number). When Yeshua came he brought redemption to everyone globally.  Women relate to redemption as well. 

G-d is faithful to do exactly what He says, and to do it in the way that He promises – according to His programme. 

Never underestimate the influence that you can have in the lives of other individuals.  We are called to be influencers. To influence people for the Word of G-d, His purposes and His programme. We need to help individuals separate themselves from what they want, their thoughts, what seems right in their own eyes and encourage them to respond to G-dly revelation. Scriptural truth. When we do this, change will come. As we walk in obedience it deepens our relationship with the living G-d. G-d will bring transformation, excitement, joy and zeal. Play a role in the purposes of G-d!

WE have a call from G-d to submit. And the greatest regret you will have is if you don’t submit to Him. 

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