The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Our last reading this week is from Song of songs 2:8-17

v8: (The Shulamite): Behold: She is making a public proclamation and calling everyone to pay attention to him. Even though it may be in different areas, humans (male and female), by nature, tend to have insecurities. She is affirming something about him that he needs to hear. 

  • Mountains and…hills: In this context they relate to obstacles.  A man needs encouragement from his wife – testifying of her confidence in him that he will be successful. A wife’s lack of confidence in her husband will undermine their relationship and wound him. In the same way that a man needs to affirm his love for his wife, a woman needs to affirm that her husband is capable, that he is competent and that he will accomplish what he has set out to do. That is what the Shulamite is doing here. She is proclaiming her confidence in his ability to overcome obstacles. This is a source of great encouragement for him.

v9: Young stag: She sees him as young and powerful

  • Wall: This wall is a wall of separation.
  • Looking…gazing: He is assessing the situation, and trying to figure out how to overcome this separation that has occurred between him and her. She believes he is going to solve this problem and bring them back together.

v10: My love, my fair one: Beautiful one. Once again, he affirms her.

  • Rise up…come: He is making the preparations for them to be reunited. She needs to respond to his call.

v11: (The Shepherd): Winter: A time of gloom. Winters are not comfortable but are necessary to produce a glorious spring – i.e. fruitfulness. 

v12: Note: All of this is foreshadowing a change that is coming. There is going to be a new reality. Problems, hardships, and attack are going to come to an end, and they are going to experience a new chapter of love. This love is going to be stronger because of what they have had to overcome.

v13: This verse foreshadow their reunion. The season is at hand. She is going to need to respond to what he is going to make a reality. 

v14: Your countenance is lovely (comely): He is telling her that she is unique, she is like an oasis in the desert – hidden away. 

v15: (Chorus; the response of various people): Foxes: Foxes are a threat as they bring destruction.

  • Little foxes: The small things, the things that we may think are insignificant, are the things that destroy our relationships. 
  • Spoil: Destroy. A destructive word.
  • Tender grapes: Grapes that need the greatest care and protection.

v16: (The Shulamite): My beloved is mine and I am his: An expression that shows his leadership in her life. First (and foremost) he is to her – and then she says: “I am for him”. 

  • Feeds his flock among the lilies (can also be translated roses): He takes his sheep to the best places, to the places where they like to graze. 

v17: Flee away: Blows byPasses

  • Mountains of Bether: The mountains around Jerusalem. To get to Jerusalem these mountains have to be overcome. The word Bether in Hebrew is a word for separation (“cut in two”).

Note: She believes that he is going to overcome the mountains of separation.

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