The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

Our last reading for this week is from Song of songs 5:9-16

v9 (Friends/Chorus): What is your beloved more than another beloved: Either they are asking her what makes him, personally, unique in comparison to others, or they are asking what makes his love so unique. 

  • That you so charge us: They are wanting to know why she said she missed him so much that it has caused her to feel like she has a sickness. 

v10: (The Shulamite): White: Clear. Pure, No additives 

  • Ruddy: This is the same word that is used to describe King David as being ginger haired (1 Sam 16:12). The use of this word is simply relating to us that her beloved is like King David (David means beloved, or one who is loved). 
  • Chief (head): This word is related to being lifted up – like a flag is lifted up.
  • Chief among ten thousand: He is above ten thousand others. He is special and unique.

v11: Head: His crown, so to speak. 

  • Finest gold: He is unique and precious to her. 

v12: Note: The imagery used here is like that of fine gems that are laid into their place. His eyes are beautiful, like gems set in their place. 

v13: Cheeks: Speaking about his face.

  • Banks of scented herbs: Smooth in texture. 
  • Myrrh: She is his myrrh (chapter 4:6) and he is her myrrh. Myrrh is something precious, a pleasing fragrance. Once again, we see how they affirm each other.

v14: Beryl: This is a gemstone 

  • Sapphires: She is describing him in terms of something precious.

v15: Legs (Ankles): This could just mean the lower part of his legs (i.e. below his knees). 

  • Bases (Planks): This word is the same word used for the planks that were used to build the tabernacle. She is describing him in a very majestic way. His life is a life of praise and adoration to G-d. 

v16: Note: She has described him from head to toe but ends her praise of him by going back up to his mouth. This is to emphasize how important and how pleasing words can be.

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