The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 1

We read three short verses to start off this week: Song of songs 6:1-3

v1: (The Chorus): O fairest (beautiful) among women: There is a change. Earlier it had been the shepherdaffirming the Shulamite and speaking to her in these terms. Others are now affirming her and have come to appreciate her. 

  • That we may seek him with you: They are also now affirming the relationship and the coming together between the Shulamite and the Shepherd. They are affirming that he is indeed beloved, and that she is the fairest among women (beautiful). 

Note: The reader should understand (by this literary tool) that what this is teaching us is that this relationship is good.

v2: (The Shulamite): His garden: This is a preferred place. It foreshadows (because his garden is her) the reunion of the two of them. 

  • Feed his flock in the gardens: She is affirming that he is faithfully doing what he should be doing, and he is doing it where he should be doing it – in the most pleasant place. He is not only fulfilling his role as the shepherd, but the implication is that he is also getting things ready for their coming together again.

v3: I am my beloveds: We need to be for our spouse (within our own thoughts and heart we can know if we are fully committed to our spouse or not). If we are not working toward being for him/her then we are living in disobedience. Our relationship with G-d will not be dynamic or pleasing if we do not have a good marriage. A good marriage does not mean that we are always giving in to our spouse and what he/she wants, but it is living in a way that demonstrates G-d’s best for our spouse.  

  • My beloved is mine (for me): She is no longer insecure about his love for her, but she is confident and sure of it. 
  • Feeds his flocks among the lilies (roses): He is positioned to shepherd in a good and desirable place. G-d wants to bring our marriages into a place where our love can grow and mature. This growth and maturity lead to marriages that have a G-dly testimony, and marriages that can manifest the glory of G-d.

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