The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 3 and Chapter 7 Part 1

We go on to Song of songs 6:13 and 7:1-4

Communication that is uplifting and encouraging is very important. Those things that are neither uplifting nor encouraging should not be made an emphasis of our conversation but should become matters of prayer. 

v13: This is chapter 7 verse 1 in the Hebrew Bible. It is a verse spoken by the chorus – in this case, men who have observed this relationship. 

Note: The Shulamite woman is being addressed here. 

  • Look: They want to see her, to gaze upon her. These men have matured and are now affirming her as a G-dly woman who is pleasing to G-d. 
  • What would you see?: They are asking amongst themselves what their perspective is concerning the Shulamite woman.  
  • Dance: Dancing here is used as a term of joy, of satisfaction, of pleasure. 
  • Double Camp: The word used here (mahanaim) refers to military camps. Soldiers dance when they have achieved peace and victory. The battle has ended in a wonderful way, and they dance joyfully because of it. This foreshadows the peace and the victory that this couple are going to experience. It is a victory which will be a source of great joy for them.

7v1: (The Shepherd): Feet in sandals: This implies that she demonstrates generosity and is a blessing to others (those “outside”). 

  • Thighs: These represent a person’s midsection, and they move a person from place to place. This shows direction (where someone is going). She is moving toward something that has been skilfully prepared and has a beautiful outcome. 
  • Jewels: Jewels (diamonds and other stones) need to be cut and polished in order to make a beautiful and valuable product. 

v2: Blended beverage: Mixed drink. In other cultures, even in our day, there are a variety of drinks which are mixed which have nothing to do with alcohol. These drinks are pleasing and satisfying and are often drunk at times of happiness and joy.

  • Waist/Stomach: Stomachs are related to digestion. He is not so much as giving us an image of her external/physical appearance but is conveying to us that what she does is done with much effort, preparation, and hard work, and this leads to a harvest (outcome) that is pleasing. 
  • A heap of wheat: Those ‘heaps of wheat’ take much work – the ground has to be prepared, seed needs to be sown and then the harvesting takes several weeks. These heaps are then built from what is harvested. 
  • Set about: Enclosed. Fenced in
  • With lilies (roses): She does not simply do the job well, but she does it with great care and detail. 

v3: Breasts: Oftentimes (and there is much support for this – even in extra-Biblical writings) breasts are synonymous with femininity and, simply, the essence of a woman. He is revealing that when he examines the very essence of her womanhood he finds it a blessing. It is pleasing and rare – just like it is rare to see amother deer and twin fawns

v4: Neck: Neck has to do with stature. It holds the head up.

  • Ivory: Ivory was something precious. Her statue, her behaviour, is something very precious.  Usually ivory is carved – so once more there is an emphasis on preparation. 
  • Pools… by the gate: She stands out. There is something pleasing and refreshing about her in comparison to others. 
  • Bath Rabbim (literally: Many daughters): She exceeds her counterparts. He finds her unique in comparison to others. 
  • Your nose: He is not speaking about the size of her nose, but rather about her scent (character). She has a scent that goes well beyond. She has great influence. 

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