The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 7 Part 2

On to Song of songs 7:5-13

v5: Carmel: A beautiful mountain range of Lebanon, coming into Israel, along the Mediterranean.

  • Purple: Purple is a royal colour. Hair, for a woman, shows significance. Hair speaks of a woman’s modesty and of her glory (1 Cor 11:14-15) In a very symbolic way he is speaking here of royalty. She has a rare quality of royalty about her. People take notice of her and of her behaviour because she is so unique. 

v6: Your delights: The love that they experience makes everything in their life a delicacy, something that is a source of joy and satisfaction.  

v7: Palm tree: Upright

  • Breasts: Speaking again of the essence of her as womanhood. 
  • Clusters: Clusters have beauty associated with them and they give off a pleasant scent. 

v8: Note: He is affirming her publicly.  He lauds her for her character, her stature, the very essence of her life.

v9: Gums: In modern Hebrew most say, ‘the roof of your mouth’. This is the source of taste. 

  • Wine goes down smoothly: She provides him with what is pleasing without any interruption. 
  • Moving gently the lips of sleepers: Sometimes they would put fine wine upon the lips of a sleeping individual, and this would keep the lips in a good condition. This would also be pleasing, as the tongue would taste the tops or bottoms of the lips with this fine wine on it. This was a way of showing care or concern for an individual. It showed that someone went the extra mile. Her love, to him, is not concerned with only the major things but also with all the small details. 

v10: Desire: Passion. A strong desire. A woman’s behaviour can influence and cause her husband to behave in a way that shows his desire, passion, love etc to her. Our behaviour (not in a manipulating way) toward our spouse is so important in bringing about G-dly change to our spouse.  

v11: Staying simply (in the fields and villages) does not cause a great sum of money to be spent. 

v12: Get up early: Shows a preference – that want to be found working from early in order to produce wine (throughout the song wine has been synonymous with love). They are committed to doing the things that produce love. 

  • I will give you my love: Notice the foreshadowing of their reunion. If the time is right, and if things have blossomed and budded, then they will partake of their love.” 

v13: Mandrakes: In Gen 30:14-17 we see that mandrakes were related to marriage and brought about conception – the next generation. Biblically, prophetically, whenever there is a reference to the next generation we should think about the coming of Messiah (a Kingdom event). The union of the Shepherd and the Shulamite is a key event. Here we see a lifting up of marriage and how important marriage is.  

  • Give off a fragrance: The time is right to be united. 
  • Gates: A gate is a place of entrance. This foreshadows that they are about ready to enter into this new phase of their relationship together.
  • New and old: That which they have not experienced together in their relationship is now going to be experienced (the ‘new’). The old (that which once formed part of their relationship) is going to be regathered up and enjoyed again. 
  • Laid up (Hidden): When things are very valuable we hide them away in order to keep them safe. This is also a word used for a special piece of matzah that is hidden, for a time, over Passover. It is revealed/brought into the light at the high point of the Passover Seder. What he is saying here is that their love had been hidden, she had been concealed from him, but at the right time their great love (that had been concealed) was going to be exposed or revealed. 

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