The Book of Song of Songs Bible Study Chapter 8 Part 2

Our last reading in the Song of songs: Song of songs 8:8-14

v8: (The Chorus -her brothers are speaking): Note: In chapter 1 her brothers had not appreciated the Shulamite for who she was. They had evaluated her in a very secular way – comparing her to other women and implying that a woman’s value was seen in her outward appearance. 

  • Breasts: The essence of a woman. They had not appreciated their sister. They had viewed her with a kind of contempt and saw her as insignificant in comparison to other women. 
  • The day when she is spoken for: Meaning when a man wants to marry her. They had thought that she was not much of a catch (undesirable), but now they are seeing a man taking great interest in her. They need to provide her with a dowry, but they had not been prepared for it. She is very valuable, and they had been unaware of it.  

v9: Wall: There are two different Hebrew words for wall. One word refers to the wall inside your home. The wall referred to here, though, is that of a wall that surrounds a city. The walls of a city were built for defence. Without that wall a city is vulnerable – it would not have adequate security. 

  • Battlement of silver: Their perspective toward the Shulamite is changing. They started off thinking she was not much of a woman but now they have heard she is desirable, and they were totally unprepared for that.

Note: There is a quick change in the text. We do not worry about things with little value, however those things of great value we want to lock up or hide away. The greater the value the greater the protection we afford it. They are now saying that they would secure her in a castle of silver in order to protect her. 

  • Cedar: The same type of wood that was used for the temple. These brothers are now exalting her and are recognizing her value as a G-dly woman.  

v10: (The Shulamite): I am a wall: As a good wall she has great value. 

  • My breasts like towers: They thought her womanhood was not much but in fact she was a woman above others (a tower is higher than the other types of buildings around it) 
  • Peace: Fulfilment. Finally she is being recognized for who she is – the spouse of the Shepherd. The reunion is complete.

Note: The following verses are summary verses. They help us to understand the greater wisdom that Solomon wanted to impart to us.  

v11: Vineyard: Synonymous with grapes, wine, and, therefore, love.

  • Baal: Means ‘owner’ or ‘husband’.
  • Hamon: Means ‘many’. Baal Hamon implies that Solomon was a husband to many. 
  • 1000 pieces of silver: These vineyards were extremely valuable from a monetary standpoint.  

v12: My own vineyard is before me: If the Shulamite is speaking she is saying that she belongs to no one except her beloved. 

Some understand this as the Shepherd who is speaking, in which case he would be referring to the Shulamite as his (“My vineyard is mine’). Solomon had all the wealth and all the women, which he had profited financially from, but the Shepherd kept his vineyard for himself. 

v13: (The Shepherd) Dwell in the gardens: She is now dwelling in the place where he has invited her to be. 

  • Listen: This is a term of admonition or instruction. 

v14: (The Shulamite): Mountains of spices: This talks about the partaking of love. She is now where she is supposed to be and, once he has joined her, they will enjoy the mountains (not mountain) of spices together. The Scripture speaks, in beautiful imagery, of them coming together – not in a garden, but in gardens of abundance.

Solomon had his vineyards, great wealth, and many wives but they did not bring him lasting joy. The Shepherd had his garden and very little material wealth, from a worldly perspective, but with the Shulamite, in the beautiful covenant of marriage, he found great joy. She satisfied him and he satisfied her. We too can have a G-dly marriage that brings glory to G-d by being a testimony to others. G-dly marriages bring joy, satisfaction, and pleasure into our lives –even influencing the lives of others.  

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