The Book of Titus Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 1

We go on to Titus 2:1-5

In this chapter Paul admonishes Titus to provide truth to people so that they can have sound revelation/truth to base their lives upon. When we live with our lives based on truth, we will have a testimony that is full of good works, and we will also have a faith that does not change.

v1: “But” speaks of a contrast. Titus needs to be different to those we saw in chapter 1 (Those who are abominable, disobedient, or disqualified).

· We get the word “hygiene” from this Greek word that is translated “sound” here. When we ignore our hygiene, we get sick. We can understand this from a spiritual perspective as well. When we do not keep good spiritual hygiene (sound doctrine) we become spiritually sick.

v2: In a community there are men and women who are older (some Bibles refer to them as “elders” in this verse) – they hold a degree of authority because of their age. Male elders within a community do not necessarily hold the office of an elder within a local assembly.

· Sober (minded) : they understand what to do in any given situation and they are vigilant to get done what needs to be done

· Reverent: Not casual or flippant about their faith.

· Temperate/self-controlled: They don’t succumb to temptation. They are not easily swayed by the crowd but are willing to stand alone.

· Sound in faith – same word for hygiene. Faith and truth are related. Those who are sound in faith do not corrupt truth but are committed to it.

· Sacrificial/agape love. They are moved by compassion – denying themselves in order to be a blessing to others.

· Patience/perseverance: they are committed to seeing things through to the end, no matter what obstacles may be in their way.

Sound faith will manifest itself in love and in endurance.

v3: Now Paul is speaking about how the older women (within a community) are to behave:

Note: Our behavior does not play a role in our salvation, but once we are saved our behavior changes. Our behavior needs to show that we are committed to that which is sacred – committed to the worship of G-d and to serving Him.

· We need to speak things that are fitting /appropriate – not slanderous

· We must not be enslaved or in bondage to strong wine (in those days water was weakly diluted with wine in order to clean the water to make it fit to drink)

· Teachers of good – we need to affirm proper doctrine.

v4: The older women must teach/influence the younger women.

· The love spoken of here is Phileo (not agape as we saw above). This means to be endeared to, like a friend. A G-dly women demonstrates by her behavior that she likes her husband and children, she delights in them.

v5: Discreet is also sometimes translated “self-controlled”

· Chaste is the same as pure

· Homemakers -to do deeds at home

· Whenever we see the word “good” it must remind us to do those things that are in G-d’s will

· Obedient/submissive/in subjection to. In the New covenant we subject ourselves to others as it is the right thing to do (Yeshua – G-D – subjected Himself to His parents. As the Son of G-d He was greater than them but because it was right in G-d’s eyes for a son to acknowledge the authority of His parents Yeshua humbled Himself and did just that – Matt 2:51-52)

When a wife refuses to submit, she is blaspheming (acting irreverently toward) the Word of G-d.

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