The Book of Titus Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 2

Titus 2:6-10

v6: The grammatical construction of this verse tells us that Paul is again speaking directly to Titus, and it is Titus that needs to exhort the young men – it is not the older women who do this.

v7: In all things – every aspect of Titus’ life needs to be an example to others.

· Doctrine = the truth of Scripture

· Integrity – showing himself to be genuine (not false or counterfeit)

· Reverence – behaving with dignity

· Incorruptibility -not corrupted or turned away from truth

v8: Leaders need to speak sound words – words/doctrine that is beyond reproach.

· So beyond reproach that those who are naturally antagonistic should not be able to say anything slanderous against you.

v9: Biblically, slaves were more often than not slaves because of a debt that they had to pay. As people of sound faith we do not try to get away from our debts but we need to honour our obligations.

· The master in this context is someone with secular authority

· Submission has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the value of one person over another. All people have equal value. Even though all people have equal value it does not mean that they have equal roles.

v10: Do not take (steal or pilfer) in order to make something less for someone else. We should be adding value to those who employ us etc

· We know from Titus 1:4 that this verse is again referring to Yeshua as divine, as G-d.

· To adorn something is related to making something beautiful, fitting or appropriate. It is putting things into order.

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