The Book of Titus Bible Study Chapter 2 Part 3

For our last reading this week we are going to finish chapter 2 – Titus 2:11-15.

v11: Without grace there would be no salvation.

· All men = mankind (male and female). Atonement is not limited to some people. Yeshua died for ALL and G-d’s will is for ALL to be saved (1 Tim 2:3-4)

v12: Grace is for salvation, but grace is also for teaching us to deny (work against, move away from, not be associated with) ungodliness.

· Living soberly is the same as having self-control

· We are not saved by keeping the commandments, but once we are saved the commands teach us what righteous or unrighteous behavior is (see also John 14:15 and v21)

· G-dly =pious. This is a word that describes G-dly behavior.

· Grace does not only have a purpose when we die and enter into the Kingdom. The purpose for grace is also to teach us that we need to be committed to that which is G-dly (righteous) while we are still alive in this present world.

v13: Looking: Waiting, a word of anticipation and welcoming

· The blessed hope is the rapture. It is written in the singular, so it is only ONE who is going to appear (our Great G-d and Savior refers to one and the same person: Yeshua – not to Father G-d as well) there is again an emphasis on the divinity of Yeshua in this verse.

v14: Yeshua has already given of Himself in order to redeem/purchase us – past tense.

· Lawless = against the law or Torah. When we are (Hidden) IN Christ His righteous is what the Father sees (because of what Yeshua has done His righteousness is imputed to us) By means of the Holy Spirit (whom Yeshua has given us as a Helper) we are able to fulfil the righteousness of the law (Roms 8:3-4)

· Special people – treasured and unique (Ex 19:5-6)

· Zealous for good works – if we are not committed to good works we have not understood the gospel

· Good works – “good” is a word that means in accordance with G-d’s will. (evil =the opposite. Example: We act in an evil manner when we go against G-d’s will. If G-d asks me to give $5000 to Joseph but I don’t like Joseph and I give it to Matt instead in my eyes I would still feel generous but in G-d’s eyes I would have acted evilly)

v15: To exhort is to provide encouragement in a very strong way.

· Rebuke/reprove/discipline someone who is not maintaining G-d’s standards

· When we do what G-d has called us to do (speak, exhort and reprove) He gives us authority in order for His will to be accomplished.

· Paul was encouraging Titus to not let others think that what Titus was doing (or who he was) was insignificant.

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