The Book of Titus Bible Study Chapter 3 Part 2

We go on to Titus 3:4-8

v4: The word “But” shows a contrast. We are to live differently to the way we once lived.

· Kindness is a word that is loosely related to grace. However, this verse is not necessarily talking about the Biblical concept of grace but about the understanding or friendliness that G-d has shown toward all of humanity (Matt 5:45)

· The appearance or manifestation of Messiah did not happen in a vacuum (as a chance occurrence). It was brought about in a cognitive and purposeful way.

· Once again we see the divinity of Yeshua being emphasized (as it has been throughout this book)

v5: His kindness and love toward us was not manifested because of any righteous works we had done

· Mercy – there is a relationship between mercy and forgiveness. When we have received mercy, we will have a desire to forgive

· saved – G-d has done everything necessary for (potentially) all of mankind to be saved.

· Washing =cleansing

· Regeneration: Calvinists believe that G-d begins to work in a sinner’s life (before he is saved) so that he becomes a new creation and is therefore able to accept salvation. This is incorrect theology. The only other time this word appears in the Bible is in Matt 19:28. The concept of regeneration is tied to G-d bringing His order (judgement) into this world in order to establish the Kingdom of G-d where Yeshua will rule. We can therefore conclude that regeneration is this: once we are saved, we are going to be changed. This change occurs in us as individuals, but it is also going to occur in the world when a washing and renewal by the Holy Spirit is going to take place. Only after a person believes does he/she become a recipient of the Holy Spirit (Acts 19:1-6) Without faith the Holy Spirit will not function in a person’s life to produce new life. Only after believing does this occur.

· The Holy Spirit is connected to redemption (Is 59:20-21) Redemption brings about the potential for the will of G-d to be achieved.

v6: G-d (through Yeshua) poured out the Holy Spirit on us who have been saved

v7: Justified by His grace = we can only be made righteous through Yeshua (His grace) – there is NO other source for this grace. Yeshua is the only one who can save. (it is NOT a case of “all paths lead… “)

v8: Faithful = trustworthy/true

· Be careful (think about in order to do) to maintain good works. Note: our objective in doing good works should not be to do them in order to get what we want. We do good works so that we can be an instrument of blessing to others. This is something that should characterize the life of every believer.

· Good works impact humanity (good and profitable to men/mankind -believers and unbelievers)

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