The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 1 Part 3

A short reading for today. Let’s complete (the English Bible) chapter 1 (v18-21):

v18: “I raised my eyes”- a Hebrew expression for prayer. Zechariah prayed and G-d revealed things to him.

· Four horns -the number 4 is global and represents the world (Rev 7:1). Horns are seen as empires (Rev 17:12-14)

v19: These horns represent 4 global empires with one thing in common – they are all in opposition to Israel (they scattered Israel ie put them in exile).

v20: The English Bibles translate this word as ‘craftsmen’, but the actual Hebrew translation of it is “ploughmen”. Either way, craftsmen or ploughmen cause disruption. They cause changes to occur. The four ploughmen are going to bring change to these four horns/empires.

v21: His question has changed. It’s great to know who the horns are, but the important question is what these ones are going to “do” .

· No one could lift up his head – the empires brought shame/embarrassment to Israel (Ps 137:4)

· The job of the ploughmen is to bring terror to these horns – global empires are going to be devastated and thrown down.

· Lifted up their horn – another idiom, meaning that they acted in a prideful manner. They did things according to their own plans instead of following G-d’s plans and purposes.

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