The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 1

Let’s read Zechariah 10:1-5.

v1: Rain is seen as blessing. We need to ask/beseech G-d for blessing in our lives as He is the ONLY source of true blessing (primarily this is not speaking about financial blessing, although it is sometimes a spin off from spiritual/eternal blessing)

· There were two main rainfalls. The first rains fell in autumn and the second/latter/springtime rains fell in spring. These latter rains were seen as the best rains as they affected the first as well as the second harvests. Double blessing! These are what G-d wants us to ask Him for.

· G-d’s blessing leaves evidence in our lives (‘grass in the field’)

v2: Many people turn to the wrong sources for blessing. Those who follow after those things that lie, those things that are deceitful, empty etc will be oppressed/afflicted/suffer. (eg those who trust in wealth are at a loss when the economy crashes)

· False dreams: No matter what dream/vision they have it is all in vain because it is not from G-d.

· In trouble – they are tortured or suffer greatly. Affliction comes from unrighteous behavior. Persecution, on the other hand, comes because of righteousness.

· Shepherd: G-dly leadership. Being in submission to G-d’s truth (allowing Him to be our Shepherd and to lead us) is very important.

v3: Many translations translate and compare the ‘leaders’ to ‘goats’. This is a term that shows a rejection/a put down of these leaders (Matt 25:31-46)

· G-d Himself will look after His people (John 10:1-18) and He will equip them for the battle that lies ahead of them so that they can be victorious.

v4: This verse alludes to the building of a structure (some say it relates to the temple others say it relates to His Kingdom – either way, both relate to worship) Victory over the enemy leads to worship.

· Cornerstone – G-d is going to supply the foundation.

· The battle bow – when we set out to live in a way that our lives reflect the Living G-d we can expect persecution from the enemy. G-d supplies everything we need in order to be victorious over the enemy.

v5: G-d’s people are going to be transformed.

· Their enemies will be under their feet (trampled on in the muddy streets)

· Those who trust in horses (those things in this physical life) and not in G-d are going to be put to shame (Ps 20:7-9)

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