The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 10 Part 2

Our last reading for this week is Zechariah 10:6-12.

v6: Israel was split into two parts – the Northern Kingdom (what some have referred to as the “lost tribes”. Here they are called the house of Joseph. We see that G-d knows exactly where they are and He is going to save them) and the Southern Kingdom/house of Judah.(see Ezekiel 37 for more on this, esp from v15-28)

· The house of Joseph was exiled +- 150yrs before the destruction of the first temple (approx 2800yrs in exile to date) but (like those dry bones in Ez 37) G-d is going to restore them and the two kingdoms of Israel (North and South) will become one kingdom again.

· If we throw out the promises G-d made to the Jewish people how do we know He will be faithful to the promises He has made to us in Messiah??

v7: Ephraim was the son of Joseph. Mention of him in a text (according to the Rabbis) gives it last days context.

· Their hearts will be filled with joy

· Children are a reference to the future – the Kingdom of G-d.

· “IN the L-rd”. The preposition “in” is related to redemption – IN Christ… It is only when we have a covenantal relationship and we are hidden IN Christ that we can be truly free/redeemed/glad (Col 3:3)

v8: Whistle for them – for Judah and Ephraim. G-d is going to once again make the two nations into one nation.

· There are two aspects of redemption: a spiritual redemption ie salvation, (achieved at Yeshua’s first coming ) and a physical redemption (Yeshua comes to physically save His people at His second coming -2 Peter 2:9, Deut 32:36-43)

v9: When their children return we need to be thinking of the establishment of the Kingdom, as it means the time is close for redemption. It is the Kingdom generation that is going to return to the land of Israel. The Jewish people returning to the land is foundational for the final redemption. We don’t know the day or the hour, but we can discern when the season is near (Matt 24:32-35)

v10 This gathering back to the land started in 1948 after nearly 2000 years of “radio” silence What a time we live in!

· Egypt – from the lands of the South

· Assyria – they are going to be gathered from the lands of the North.

· Gilead is in the Jordan

· No more room is found for them: A hint concerning Israel spreading out to all the promised land that G-d promised them when He established that covenant with Abraham (from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates River in Babylon – Gen 15:18-21)

v11: Jacob’s trouble (Jer 30:4-11). G-d is going to remove any obstacles preventing His people from returning back to the land. G-d is going to deal with the enemies of Israel – He is going to bring them down.

v12: IN the L-rd referenced again. They are going to come to know who their Messiah is through this turbulent time that comes upon them.

· Walk… IN His name – name is synonymous with character. They are going to behave/act like Him. 1 Cor 11:1

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