The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 14 Part 2

Our final reading in Zechariah – 14:10-21

v10-11: The whole land south of Jerusalem (most of the Jewish people during King David’s reign lived south of Jerusalem) is going to be made flat like a plain. Jerusalem is going to be raised up, elevated both physically and spiritually. Yeshua is going to reign from this capital city throughout the time of His Millennial Kingdom.

· The boundaries for the city are given here.

v12: The people that went to war against Jerusalem will be struck with this plague.

· The heat will be so intense and so quick that even while they are still standing their flesh will melt off them.

v13: The men grab their neighbors’ hands (most see this as an expression of fear) but then they are going to turn around and attack each other (see 2 Chron 20:17-26 for something similar that happened back then)

v14: Historically Judah fled and left Jerusalem to fend for itself during times of war, but this time Judah will stay to help Jerusalem.

· At the first redemption there was a plundering of the Egyptians (Ex 12:33-36) and at the final redemption another plundering occurs.

v15: In the context of war these animals are tools of warfare. The weapons of warfare are going to be destroyed.

v16: Some of those who warred against Jerusalem (by G-d’s mercy) repented and here we see that they have to go to Jerusalem every year to worship and celebrate. (a remnant of the Jewish people as well as a remnant of the nations survived)

· Faith is not something that can be held in the heart but here we see it has to be physically demonstrated (as it should also be in this dispensation! However, in the Millennial Kingdom a physical curse comes upon those who disobey)

· The primary reason for celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles is to remember G-d’s provision and to realize our dependence on Him. By going to Jerusalem, every year, the people are acknowledging their allegiance and dependence on G-d.

v17: Rain is synonymous with blessing. These people will receive no blessing if they don’t go to Jerusalem to worship G-d.

v18: The L-rd strikes the nations: Yeshua, the L-rd, and His holy ones who overcame are going to rule with a rod of iron. (Ps 2:8-9 and Rev 2:26-27)

v19: Those who sin are going to receive swift punishment/judgement.

v20: Horses are not kosher animals.

· “Holy to the L-rd” was a phrase attached to the turban of the high priest (Ex 28:36-38). In the Millennial Kingdom those things in Jerusalem that we now consider common or unkosher are going to be elevated in their status.

· The bowls in front of the altar caught the blood of the sacrifices and were seen as very important.

v21: The pots in Jerusalem receive an elevated status in the Millennial Kingdom

· The Canaanites were those who opposed G-d’s plan for the children of Israel to take possession of the land. This verse is telling us that there will no longer be anyone who stands in opposition to the will of G-d. The Canaanites were also used to reference merchants. (see John 2:14-17) The house of G-d is not going to be about commerce. It will be a holy place -consumed with the zeal of G-d….Zeal for G-d and for His Word are what we are supposed to demonstrate each and every day of our lives as believers in Messiah Yeshua.

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