The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 2

On to chapter 2.

v1: “Raised my eyes”- another reference to prayer.

· Measuring line very similar to Rev 11:1-2

v2: The scholars say that measuring Jerusalem is a way of assessing the spiritual condition of the people.

· v3-4: Without walls – Most large cities in ancient history were strong and safe because they were surrounded by walls. G-d is going to bless Jerusalem so much so that she cannot be contained by a wall.

· Multitude of men – i.e. many people. This speaks of great blessing.

· (multitude of) livestock i.e. many animals. This is alluding to sacrifice – worship.

v5: When G-d says or declares something He is making a promise. G-d Himself will be the protector of Jerusalem/of His Kingdom.

· “The glory in her midst” – G-d is going to dwell (physically) with us – first Yeshua for 1000 years Rev 20:4-6, and then G-d the Father after that Rev 21:1-5

v6: ‘Up, Up’ is a word that can be translated ‘woe’. This is repeated therefore emphasized. It is a literary device intended to capture/grab people’s attention. Failure to respond lands up in disaster.

· ‘Flee’ is a word of great urgency .

· The North is emphasized, although the Jews were not only scattered to the North but also to all the places in the world (four winds of heaven – north, south, east and west). Very important: please read Jeremiah 23:5-8. Before the Kingdom of righteousness and justice is established (the 1000yr reign of Messiah) there is going to be an exodus of people responding by leaving the North, and other countries, and going back to their own land… The land that G-d promised! Just over 70 years ago this started to happen (after an almost 2000 yr exile… Unprecedented… To borrow a word that has become familiar to us!)

v7: Zion is referencing those who have Kingdom hope, who believe in the fulfilment of prophetic truth.

· Babylon (Rev 17) talks about the last world empire – rooted in blasphemy and sin. We are not to be a part of her (John 17:14-18)

v8: Zechariah’s message is available to the nations – if they cared to heed it.

· ‘After glory’ – G-d wants to manifest His glory in His Kingdom.

· ‘The nations which plunder you’ – Those nations who attacked Israel and made them bare and empty.

· G-d warns the nations that if they touch Israel they touch the apple of His eye.

v9: At one time Israel was being plundered, but this is going to change. The nations are going to become the ones who are plundered.

· When this happens, the people will know that Zechariah was a prophet sent by G-d (He was rejected and murdered in his day as seen in comment for 1:1)

v10: Daughter of Zion – those who have Kingdom hope.

· ‘I am coming’ – Messiah is going to return!

· Dwell in your midst – speaks of intimacy with G-d.

v11: Nations – Gentiles. This is referring to the remnant in the nations

· Zechariah emphasizes again that the people will acknowledge that G-d has sent him and that his words are true.

v12: G-d is going to keep His covenant with the Jewish people!

· The “Holy Land” has ALWAYS been a reference to the land of Israel.

v13: This is a verse addressing every single person. Everybody needs to be still and understand that G-d is going to bring about the fulfillment of His prophecies to Israel.

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