The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 4

Our last reading this week is Zechariah chapter 4.

v2: The lampstand/menorah is the seven branched candlestick holder that was part of the temple furnishings (Ex 25:31-40, Heb 9:1-2) The purpose of the menorah was to manifest the light/glory of G-d to the world – what Israel (and also now believers) are called to do.

v3: Olive trees are the source of oil (light has to have oil in order to shine) see Revelation 11:1-6 (especially v4) They give the Word of G-d (oil) to the people.

v4: Zechariah wants to know the significance of what he is seeing.

v6: Zerubbabel the LEADER (like Joshua the PRIEST in chapter 3) is also a picture of Yeshua (Christ/Messiah). He was instrumental in building the second temple. Ezra 3

· A change is coming upon the world and it will not be because of human might or power but through the Spirit (The Holy Spirit is strongly linked to redemption – Isaiah 59:20-21

v7: A mountain (prophetically speaking) is related to an empire/kingdom (Dan 2:35&44-45,Jer 51:24-26) The world, especially in the last days, stands like a mountain in opposition to G-d’s plans (from our perspective) but He is going to level it like a plain (that Daniel passage again)

· Capstone/Cornerstone is a reference to Yeshua/Messiah- the Rock of our salvation (2 Sam 22:2-4, Isaiah 28:16-22)

· Shouts =adoration, to extol

· ‘Grace! Grace!’ Satan was rebuked twice in 3:2 (Yeshua’s first and second coming) and now we see grace, grace twice. Yeshua brought grace on His first coming and grace will be evident for His second.

v9: The temple is a place of worship and where the Spirit lives. Yeshua is building a temple out of you and me – living stones (1 Peter 2:4-10)

· Zechariah was not well received by his people, but they will eventually know that he was a prophet sent by G-d.

v10: Often we see G-d moving and accomplishing mighty things, but they begin in a very small way (1 Kings 18:41-46)

· The plumbline is for the purpose of making things straight. The word of G-d causes us to live ordered, straight lives before G-d – lives that please Him.

· (Seven) eyes of the L-rd speak of perfect seeing, all knowing. G-d’s judgement is going to be performed according to perfect knowledge.

· Throughout the whole earth – no-one is exempt

v11-14: See verse 3. The two witnesses (Rev 11:3-12) are going to be influential in bringing Israel to repentance. They are going to prepare her for redemption in the midst of great persecution. Their task is to prophesy – to give the people the truth, the Word of G-d (the oil).

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