The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 1

We kick off this week by reading a very short portion: Zechariah 5:1-4. This chapter speaks about G-d bringing His judgement/curse into this world.

v1: Flying, prophetically, speaks of the supernatural. Something is going to be revealed to us that is not man made but comes from G-d.

· A Scroll – Usually associated with the law (Torah, Word of G-d) which was written on a scroll. The words in a scroll are not revealed until the scroll is opened. Only when the scroll is opened do we receive revelation (see Rev 5). The law has two aspects to it – life/death, blessing/curse (Deut 30:11-20). The law is G-d’s standard of behavior for mankind.

v2: A flying scroll relates to the supernatural Word of G-d that is going to enter into this world in a very unique manner and for a specific purpose.

· Twenty cubits …(by)…ten cubits – Rabbinical commentators point out that these measurements relate to the measurements of the door into the inner temple (the Holy of Holies) The ark of the covenant (inside the Holy of Holies) housed the tablets that contained the Ten commandments – the laws of G-d (Deut 10:1-5, Heb 9:1-5).

v3: The curse is eternal (eternal death for those who do not believe in Yeshua) and affects the whole world.

· ‘The face of the whole earth’ – G-d is going to bring a judgement upon the world because He wants a very specific change to occur – the establishment of His Kingdom.

· The two types of sin mentioned here relate to a person’s deeds (theft) and also what is spoken.

v4: The L-rd will send it (the curse) out and it will enter into the homes of sinners to destroy completely. The effects of sin are going to be completely removed – destroyed with no trace that it ever existed. Yeshua took away the curse of sin for us, who believe, when He died – the first time (Roms 5:12-21) Sin is still within the world though. When Yeshua comes again sin itself is going to become extinct

(1 Cor 15:26 – death is a result of sin, Roms 6:23. If death is destroyed it means sin is destroyed!)

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