The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 5 Part 2

Let’s finish chapter 5 (5:5-11)

v5: In the Hebrew the word “this” (referring to the curse) is used multiple times in the text. We know that every time it is used it is related to an aspect of the curse (this doesn’t pull through into the English translations as it is seen as redundant.)

v6: The word translated ‘basket’ is literally the word ‘ephah’. The ephah is a standard of measurement. G-d’s standard (law, His Word) has gone throughout the earth.

· Resemblance/eyes have to do with perfect knowledge. G-d judges with perfect understanding and truth.

Note: In Rev 15:5-8 when G-d is about to pour out the bowls of His wrath the angels, carrying the wrath, came out of the tabernacle after the tabernacle of the testimony (ark of the covenant) was opened. The ark housed the stone tablets of the law.

v7: ‘Disc’/cover should be translated ‘talent’ which is also a weight/unit of measurement.

· Lead – Ex 15:10 Lead relates to someone/something being brought down in judgement. Those who are not redeemed are going to be taken down by the curse.

· The woman was sitting in the ephah (the woman and the measurement of judgement are brought together)

· Woman (prophetically) relates to an empire (Rev 17:3-6)

v8: He thrust (pushed) her into the ephah (translated ‘basket’ in the NKJV) – into the midst of G-d’s judgement

· He threw the lead cover into (her) mouth – she is going to be brought down in judgement.

v9: I raised my eyes – An idiom for prayer. Zechariah prayed for revelation of what he was seeing.

· We have seen that Joshua as well as Zerubbabel were pictures of Messiah. Two woman here are a picture of Babylon. These two woman are thought of as Babylon of the past and Babylon of the future. In the way that Babylon of the past was judged and defeated so too will the future Babylon be.

· Flying, again, has to do with the supernatural. This last empire/Babylon that we will see is not a normal empire. It is satanic in nature (Rev 13:2)

· The stork took this measure between earth and heaven – she wants to exalt herself (2 Thess 2:4)

v10: Zechariah wants to know what the outcome/final result of this will be.

v11: So here we know that we are talking about Babylon. See Gen 11:1-9 – the tower of Babel is where we get the word Babylon from. Those people had everything in common and they brought it all into a specific location – Shinar. It was here that they wanted to build for themselves – for humanity. G-d judged and confused them in this.

· When the time is right, this empire is going to be placed on its pedestal – lifted up. We are going to have to make a very clear choice as to which kingdom we are going to choose to serve. Those who choose this empire are going to receive the judgement she receives.

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