The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 6 Part 1

We go on to Zechariah 6:1-8. G-d often revealed an event to a prophet that was fulfilled in their time or within their near future. The purpose of that prophecy, however, was to confirm something that would happen at a later time – usually at the end of the ages. Prophecy is pattern.

v1: We come across the number 4 again… This tells us that this prophecy has global significance.

· Chariots signify war. At the end of the ages there is going to be an abundance of wars (Matt 24:6-8)

· Mountains =empires (already seen in 4:7) Babylon of the past and, we know, Babylon of the future will rise again (Rev 17)

· Idols were made of bronze. These Empires will be involved in idolatry

v2: Red horses =bloodshed (Rev 6:4) leads to:

· Black horse = death, which leads to:

v3: White horse = conquest (Rev 6:2), which in turn will lead to global leadership (Rev 13:1-8)

· Dappled/speckled horses will be a composite of all the horses’ colors combined.

· Strong/Powerful =this last empire is going to be incredibly strong.

v5: The four spirits (winds) = a reference to global again (North, South, East and West).

· (They went out from) before the L-rd: G-d allows all these things to happen (Yeshua is the One who opens the seals and releases them -Rev 6) This does not mean that they are good, but they are the least severe measures to ultimately bring the most amount of people into the Kingdom (Matt 24:6 – these things MUST happen)

V6: The black and white horses go to the north. The North is again emphasized.

· The spotted ones (bloodshed, death and conquest) go south (remember, all direction is relative to the position of Israel).

v7: ‘Throughout the earth’ – this is confirmation that this is a global event. It has implications for all of creation.

v8: ‘He’ is probably the angel.

· The land of the North is mentioned again (Jer 23:7-8). The importance and significance of G-d’s plan to take the people back to Israel cannot be over emphasized (Ezekiel 37)

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