The Book of Zechariah Bible Study Chapter 9 Part 2

On to Zechariah 9:9-17.

v9: “Zion” and “Jerusalem” should remind us of the Kingdom to come. Those who believe in Yeshua, and hope in His coming, can be referred to as those of Zion.

· Judaism acknowledges many Messiahs – the son of Joseph and the son of David being the two most relevant of “them”. We believers believe in one Messiah, but He comes at two different times (The first time for salvation. The second time for judgement)

· The Jews expected the Messiah to come in righteousness and full of salvation. But they also expected Him to come in glory (a rider on a white horse like Yeshua in Rev 19:11)

· Instead, He was overlooked the first time because He came humbly/poor/afflicted – riding on the foal of a donkey(Matt 21:1-11)

· This prophecy was fulfilled at Yeshua’ first coming.

v10: “Cut off” – Messiah is going to do the work of redemption and is going to establish a Kingdom without weapons of war.

· “He shall speak peace” – Yeshua message of salvation (John 3:17-21) brought peace between G-d and every single man/woman/child who accepted it. It is available to the ends of the earth – to all.

· The River is a reference to the Euphrates River

v11: Yeshua’s blood and His promise to us has freed us eternally and saved us from thirst (John 4:10-14). There is a great benefit to being in a covenant relationship with G-d, through the work of Messiah. Although we might be persecuted in this world (placed into a waterless pit) G-d has promised that persecution will come to an end.

v12: Even the Rabbinical scholars see this fortress/strong place as Messiah (Ps 18:2). Yeshua is our fortress!

· Prisoners of hope: Even when we are being persecuted/suffering for Christ we have hope and can cling to the promises of G-d.

· Restore double: We see an allusion to the work of Messiah when He returns a second time.

v13: Sons of Zion – those who are Kingdom minded.

· Raised up – Yeshua is going to raise up the believers (the “sons of Zion”) in the last days so they can war against the sons of Greece (ancient day Europe -the place where we are told the Antichrist comes from – Daniel 8:21-26)

· G-d is going to make the believers like a warrior’s sword – strong, able to stand against the enemy even to the point of physical death (if martyrdom is what G-d has called us to He will give us the incredible strength that will be needed to get through it)

v14: ‘Them’ – those who have faith/believe

· Lightening: Matt 24:27

· Blow the trumpet (shofar) 1 Cor 15:51-52

v15: This verse speaks of the judgement/wrath of G-d that is to come. (The bowls used at the corners of the altar were filled with blood Ex 24:6, Rev 16 – the bowls of G-d’s wrath) Blood is synonymous with judgement.

v16: His people…His land (Israel)

In the last days there is going to be a physical redemption of the Jewish people – they are going to be back in the land that G-d promised them (Roms 11:11-16 and v23-32)

v17: New wine – new life, renewed hope!

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