The Book of Zechariah Chapter 12 Part 1

On to Zechariah 12:1-9

v1: Stretches out the heavens – Not only did the Creator G-d create the first creation(in the past, which we have seen) but He changes us into a new creation (2 Cor 5:16-21 – our lives are a current/present testimony of this) and our future hope is a new heaven and earth that He is going to create (Rev 21:1)

From the past and the present testimony, we know that G-d is reliable for future testimony as well. His Word is true.

v2: Israel makes up 0.11% (not even one percent!) of the world population and yet the way the media portrays her (on an almost daily basis) you would think that she was massive The world is fixated on Israel and this verse prophecies about exactly this. She is a cup (a small vessel in a house) that sends the nations reeling and eventually they will all come up to attack her (Ps 83).

v3:This chapter has a lot of repetition of “in that day”- reference again to the end day, the day of the L-rd. The last day.

· “All nations of the earth’ -Every single nation. Israel is going to stand alone, but in the end (by the work of Messiah Yeshua and His return) Israel is going to be victorious.

v4: Horses represent power (horsepower). G-d is going to strike the power/weapons of Israel’s enemies so that they will not be able to function and will be as those who are blind (easily disorientated, etc)

· I will open My eyes – From the destruction of the second Temple (nearly 2000yrs ago) it has been as though G-d’s eyes have been closed to Judah. In the last days G-d is going to open His eyes to them again – so to speak. He is going to bring redemption to them and fulfil His covenant promises to the Jewish people.

· Blindness – they are not going to function properly.

v5: An awakening. G-d captures Israel’s attention

· Inhabitants of Jerusalem – refers to those who want to worship the L-rd.

v6: Fire in a woodpile or among sheaves quickly consumes (devastates) both the wood or the sheaves so that nothing is left.

· Jerusa

v7: Two different groups of people again made into one.

· The house of David refers to those who are spiritual (not literal) descendants of David. The house of David almost always has Messianic context (Isaiah 7:13-17) The house of David believe that there is a Messiah and their hope is in him – they believe He is coming and that He will save them.

· The inhabitants of Jerusalem relate to those who have the worship of G-d as their desire. Without Yeshua (the Messiah) we cannot worship G-d in Spirit and in Truth. G-d is going to reveal this to both these groups of people.

v8: The L-rd will shield/defend His people – those who want to fulfill the purpose G-d created them for in the first place, to worship Him.

· The house of David shall be like G-d – Those who believe in Messiah are going to judge the enemy.

· The Angel of the L-rd brings about victory.

v9: What G-d sets out to do G-d WILL accomplish. G-d is going to save His people by destroying their enemies

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