The Epistles of John Bible Study 1 John Chapter 5 Part 2

We go on to 1 Jn 5:6-12

v6: He: Messiah. The focus is now on believing in Messiah. It is a spiritual law that believing in Messiah causes G-d to behave in a certain way. This does not mean that we can manipulate or force G-d to do things, but He has set His laws in place, and He too acts in accordance with them. When we believe in Yeshua (His Son) and we embrace His laws He goes to work in our lives in order to bring about change

  • Came by water: Messiah is everlasting. There was never a time that He did not exist. This verse, however, is focusing upon His incarnation. Coming through water speaks of His birth into this world – His revealing. 
  • Came by…blood: Blood speaks about the work that Messiah did on the cross. His crucifixion. 
  • Not only by water: Yeshua did not come only through His incarnation i.e. by being born
  • But by water and blood: Messiah came through both events – His incarnation and His crucifixion. It was not enough that Messiah was born and entered into this world. He also had to die. Salvation is not found through His birth, but it is found through the blood that He shed when He died. The emphasis of His crucifixion is the blood. It was important for Yeshua to die, but it was not His death that brought about redemption – it was the blood that He shed while He died that brought about redemption for us (John 19:34). The crucifixion released the blood of Messiah so that we could be born again, that we could be redeemed. 
  • The Spirit…bears witness: He testifies accurately and perfectly concerning the truth of G-d. He leads us into all truth (John 16:13). 

v7: Three…the Father, the Word and the Holy Spirit: A very important doctrine – the trinity.

Note: Most Bibles only translate half of this verse. They do not have that these Three testify in heaven… (see

  • Bear witness in heaven: A heavenly revelation (which is manifested on the land…on earth)
  • The Father: G-d
  • The Word: Messiah Yeshua (John 1:14)
  • These three are one: Although the word ‘trinity’ is not a word found in the Bible, it is, never-the-less, a concept very clearly laid out. One of the big takeaways from the trinity is the divinity of Messiah Yeshua.

v8: On earth: Here on the land.  

  • Bear witness (testify) on earth:  Testifying to what? Testifying that Messiah came to this world through His birth (water – the incarnation) and through His crucifixion – His blood. 

In the same way that G-d the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit testify in heaven, so too do we have this same type of trinitarian testimony in the work of Messiah here on earth. His work on earth is foundational to understanding the revelation of G-d. 

v9: If we receive the testimony of men: In a court of law, people believe what others say. 

  • The witness of G-d is greater: Because it is the testimony of G-d and not of man.
  • Witness: Testimony. The tense of this word for testifying is that He has testified in the past, it is true now and it will forever be true – nothing is going to change this. This is the testimony of G-d.
  • He has testified of His Son: We need to believe that Messiah is G-d incarnate. He was born. G-d, who is Spirit, became flesh. And that flesh was offered up for redemption.

v10: A liar: When someone denies the divinity of Yeshua he is calling G-d a liar.

  • Has not believed the testimony that G-d has given of His Son: If we do not believe that Messiah is divine or that He is G-d incarnate it means that we are not a believer, and He is not in us. If He is not in us then we are not justified, we are not forgiven, we are not saved. It is only through belief in Messiah Yeshua, through faith, that we can be saved (Roms 10:8-11). Yeshua, because He is G-d and therefore divine, is worthy of worship. If we reject the identity of Messiah then we reject G-d (1 John 5:1). It is not enough to just believe that there is a Messiah. We need to believe that Yeshua is the Messiah. 

v11: G-d has given to us eternal life: The outcome (result) of believing that Yeshua is the Son of G-d (part of the divine trinity – Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is that we are given Kingdom life. 

  • This life is in His Son: We can only have Kingdom life through Yeshua – G-d’s Son. 

v12: He who has the Son: Meaning, having faith in Yeshua – the Biblical Messiah. 

  • The Son of G-d: This is emphasised. To have the Son means to correctly understand His identity – Yeshua is the eternal Son of G-d. He is the Spirit who took on human flesh (incarnation) and shed His blood for our redemption (crucifixion). It is only when we believe in this Messiah that we have life. This is, by faith, what believers believe. When we believe, we are given the love of G-d which is going to manifest itself in obedience to the commandments of G-d. 

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