The Epistles of John Bible Study 2 John Chapter 1 Part 2

We are going to end off this week by finishing off 2 John: 2 John 1:7-13

v7: Deceivers: This deceit is going to grow stronger in the last days. 

  • Do not confess Yeshua Messiah as coming in the flesh: Deceivers deny the incarnation of Messiah. There was never a time when Yeshua, the Son of G-d, did not exist. Like His Father, He is eternal, divine and worthy of worship. However, He took on human flesh and entered into this world. His birth was His revealing. He is fully G-d and fully man. 
  • An antichrist: The antichrist is going to attack the identity and divinity of Yeshua Messiah.  

v8: Look to yourselves: This means to watch yourselves. All believers need to watch themselves. This has the potential to impact everyone. 

  • Lose those things we worked for: Meaning that if we do watch ourselves we will not lose or see destruction (suffer loss) in the things that we have worked on, what we have done. 

v9: Transgresses: Deviates. Moves away from. 

  • The doctrine (teaching) of Messiah: What Messiah taught and what the Word of G-d reveals about Him. There is an emphasis in this second epistle about believing the right teaching concerning Messiah. 
  • Has both the Father and the Son: If we do not remain in the doctrine of Messiah (What the Bible reveals about Him) then we cannot have a relationship or be in covenant with G-d the Father. More and more we see the doctrines of Messiah being challenged (e.g. religious pluralism – i.e. many people say that Yeshua is not uniquely G-d’s Son but that Muhammad, Buddha etc are also sons of G-d) The Antichrist is going to be part of this thinking initially. Many also say that Yeshua is not the only saviour – they claim that all roads lead to G-d. When we deny the uniqueness of the gospel message (the only message for salvation) then we have no relationship with either the Father or the Son. 

v10: Doctrine: Teaching

  • Do not receive Him into your house: Do not allow him to enter into your home in order to have fellowship with him. 

v11:Some commentators see this greeting (fellowshipping) as an idiom for worship – we worship G-d with joyfulness. Those who bring false doctrine cannot worship G-d. We must not allow them to worship with us, as they are a danger and a threat to us. Before they are brought into a fellowship of worship, they need to embrace the truth. 

v12: Face to face: In Greek they say: ‘Mouth to mouth’.  

  • Our joy may be full: As we know more of the doctrines of the Scripture, we are going to become more joyful. Joy produces strength. It empowers us (Neh 8:10)

v13: The children of your elect sister: The ones who are of the body of Messiah, the local assembly (church) where John is writing from.

  • Greet: This concept of greeting is truly desiring good things, G-dly and righteous things, for others. 

Do we want to be a righteous, G-dly influence on others? It is only when we embrace the doctrines of the Bible, the truth of the Holy Scriptures, that we can be exactly that. 

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