The Epistles of John Bible Study I John Chapter 1 Part 2

1 John 1:5-10

v5: The message: This message (that G-d is light and in Him there is no darkness) is the vehicle that brings the Presence of G-d into our lives. 
We: John and some fellow believers with him.
We have heard…we declare: They are sharing what they have heard with those who have never personally met Yeshua. 
G-d is light: Some of the terminology that John has used in this book has been taken from the book of Genesis (e.g. from the beginning, light etc). In the account of creation, the purpose of creation could not initially be seen. It was only when the Spirit of G-d began to move, and when G-d began to speak, that the purpose for it became clear. In much the same way: as believers we become new creations in Messiah (2 Cor 5:17). The Word of G-d and the Spirit of G-d work together in our lives to bring order into them. Left to ourselves our lives would be in chaos. We would be pursuing things that were of no value. We would not think correctly, and nor would we have revelation – we would be in darkness. 
No darkness( in Him) at all: Darkness is at odds with the character of G-d. Darkness speaks about confusion, a lack of understanding, and a lack of perception. In darkness, nothing can be known. G-d has come, through the work of His Son, so that we might know the truth of G-d and receive His revelation. It is only through G-d’s light (the source of all that is good) that our lives can become ordered and pleasing to G-d – “good” (Gen 1:4)

v6: If we say…we have fellowship with Him: One of the greatest powers that G-d has given to human beings is the power to choose. When we decide to serve G-d (to be in fellowship with Him) then we are not going to be in darkness. When we invite G-d into our lives (Roms 10:9-10) He begins to give us revelation (to reveal His truth to us) so that we are able to serve Him properly. We would not be able to serve Him without His truth enabling us to do so. 
Lie…truth: In life there is either that which is true or that which is false. There are no grey areas, no middle ground, between the two. If something is not true then it is false, and vice versa. It is only through the revelation of G-d’s Word that we can know what truth is. Truth, when it is received, brings about G-dly change in our lives. This change leads to eternal joy – giving our lives meaning and satisfaction. 

v7: Light: Has to do with revelation or truth. 
If we walk in the light…we have fellowship: Having fellowship with others is dependent on us walking in the light – as He (Yeshua) is in the light. 
Blood: The mention of ‘blood’ places this verse within the context of redemption. Messiah came as the Redeemer (Matt 20:28). There is no other source of redemption except through the blood of Yeshua. We cannot have fellowship with G-d the Father, or true fellowship with one another, unless we have been redeemed (and cleansed) by Yeshua’s blood. 
Cleanses us from all sin: This verse gives us assurance that Messiah’s blood cleanses us – from every type of sin that we have committed (Ps 103:3). Once we have been redeemed, we can have assurance that we are part of G-d’s family forever. 

v8: Sin: Humans are all physically very different from each other (different skin and hair colour, different characteristics etc). Spiritually, however, before redemption, we are all the same – we all sin, we all walk in darkness, we are all lost. 
Deceive ourselves: If we think we are without sin then we are living in deception. Every single human being has a need for redemption. We all need to be cleansed from our sins. 
The truth is not in us: We are in spiritual darkness.

v9: Faithful and just (righteous): His faithfulness will produce righteousness on our behalf (i.e. the cleansing of our sins). 
Cleanse: Not only are our sins forgiven but they are also washed away from us. This forgiveness and cleansing of our sins (through the blood of Yeshua) makes us righteous before G-d. There is a connection between righteous and the Kingdom of G-d (Matt 6:33). When we are forgiven and cleansed we are put into a position, a Kingdom condition, whereby we are declared fit for the Kingdom of G-d. We become Kingdom people and are called to express or demonstrate a Kingdom character. 

v10: We make Him a liar: Why? All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of G-d (Roms 3:23). Yeshua came in order to proclaim forgiveness of sins, to transform us and to make us into new creations (we need to be born again, made new, because sin brought death – destroying what we should have been). Without G-d’s intervention (sending Yeshua into this world to die for us), we were going to be lost for eternity – as sin separates us from G-d (Isaiah 59:2). If we say that we have no need of forgiveness or cleansing, as we (falsely) claim that we have no sin, then we make G-d out to be a liar – as He has said that we have all sinned and need redemption. 
His Word is not in us: John concludes this chapter by revealing to us how important truth (G-d’s Word) is. It is foundational. It is only through truth that we are going to receive light (revelation or illumination). Revelation leads us to G-d’s plan of salvation – the gospel message. It is only through this salvation experience (which comes through the work of redemption) that we can experience life – not only life in this world, but also life for the rest of eternity (eternal life). 

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