The Epistles of John Bible Study I John Chapter 1 Part 1

Thank you for joining me in going through the Epistles of John😊 Just a couple of comments for those of you who are new to this: 

  1. Don’t just accept my word, or anyone’s word, for things relating to Scripture. Acts 17v11. It’s your responsibility to search the Scriptures to find truth, and to discard what you can’t find written in it. 
  2. With that said…no translations are 100% accurate. I am going to be commenting out of the NKJV, but every now and then I might write down a more literal translation of the text – keeping it as close to the original Greek text as possible, so that we can get a clearer and more accurate understanding of the verse. A site that is really helpful in helping you to study the Bible is . I also find the Hebrew/Greek to English (or vice versa) translate tool invaluable.

We begin by reading 1 John chapter 1:1-4. 

When we are in a new covenant relationship with G-d, through Yeshua our Messiah, our lives are going to be transformed through the working of His Holy Spirit. As we begin to do His will, we will start to experience His peace and contentment in our lives. It is only when we are pursuing the will of G-d that our lives will become meaningful and have significance. Why? Because we realize that what we are doing has a Kingdom outcome, and therefore eternal consequences. 

v1: From the beginning: From before the foundation of the world, before creation, before time. Nothing surprises G-d. He has always understood all things. From the beginning He has been revealing His prophetic truth to us. 

  • We have heard: From the prophets.
  • Seen: The word used here is a word that means to simply notice something. 
  • Looked upon: This is a different word for seeing – looking, here, does not involve simply noticing something, but it involves gaining understanding or wisdom according to what is seen (By looking upon Him we gain a new or different perspective for our lives). 
  • Our hands have handled: John is revealing to us that it is discernible for humanity to come to a proper knowledge of Messiah – our Redeemer.
  • Life: Biblically, life is not just about being alive. Life has to do with being brought into the purposes/plans/will of G-d. Yeshua (this One who was seen, touched, etc) is the only source of true life. 

v2: Eternal: This is the chief adjective that describes the Kingdom of G-d. It is never going to end. Eternal life is Kingdom life/true life. This is the kind of life G-d wants us to experience. He sent His Son to die a barbaric death on the cross so that we would be able to obtain this kind of life. If we do not receive this eternal life, by faith, then we will not have it and will eternally regret it. John is sharing important and life-changing information with us. It not only impacts this life, but also impacts us eternally. 

  • Eternal life – which was with the Father and was manifested to us: John is talking about Yeshua. Before He was manifested to His disciples (and many of those who were alive at His first coming) He was with His Father. There was never a time when Yeshua did not exist. 

v3: Seen and heard – repeated (in both verse 1 and 2), therefore emphasised. 

  • We declare to you: John is writing this epistle to those of us who never personally met Yeshua while He was alive on this earth. We never had the opportunity to experience Him, hear His voice, see Him with our eyes. We never touched Him or knew anything about His work. Now, through this epistle, we can develop the right perspective about Him so that we can experience Kingdom life. 
  • You also may have fellowship with us: It is only through Yeshua that people can have unity with one another. He is the only One who can bring reconciliation between people (He brings unity between man and man).
  • Our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son: Yeshua and His Father (except for a momentary break – when Yeshua was on the cross and our sins separated Him from His Father) have perfect unity/fellowship together – they are One. Yeshua is the only One who can bring reconciliation between G-d and man.

v4: Joy: Joy is not dependant on our circumstances – whether our lives are going well or not. Joy is supernatural and is based upon intimacy -being in a relationship (fellowshipping) with the living G-d. When we respond to the message of the gospel, by faith, we are going to know this joy that John is speaking about.

  • Made full: Made complete. This is written in the passive voice. This means that we cannot bring joy into our lives by our own means. Only G-d can bring this joy into our lives. He does this through the work of His Son. This word is also written in the perfect tense. This means, that the moment we believe, joy is released into our lives. 

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