The Holocaust in the Ukraine

Today we visited the western part of Kiev, where the Holocaust memorial is located.  The memorial is located on the site known as Babi Yar.  On this spot, in a 2 day period (September 29-30, 1941), 33,771 Jews were killed.  It was one of the largest massacres in such a short period of time during the Holocaust.

It is estimated that between 100,000 and 150,000 people altogether were killed there.


Also on this site was the Syrets Concentration Camp.  Today there is not much to see of the concentration camp.

Before the nazis retreated from Kiev, they were ordered to conceal their atrocities.  The bodies were exhumed, burned, and the ashes spread over nearby farmland.

While researching this site, I also learned that just a few days ago (on National Holocaust Memorial Day), an Israeli flag was burned on this site. Unfortunately, it has been the site of anti-Semitic acts. The mayor has appealed for help in combating anti-semitism

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