The Israeli Elections

Well, the elections are over and the dust is settling.  The turnout was almost 72%, which shows that Israelis are interested in and concerned about what is going on in the country.  People are very concerned about Israel’s security, especially because we see how the United States and Europe have become weak in dealing with ISIS and Iran.  But there is also a real concern about the cost of living here.  Salaries are not very high, yet housing prices in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem rival those of major cities in the United States.

The press had predicted a loss for Binyamin Netanyahu and a win for a more liberal party, Zionist Union.  As is often the case, the liberal media was projecting their own desire and not reality.  Mr. Netanyahu has won the election in Israel, capturing about 25% of the 120 Knesset seats.  Just a few weeks ago, it was predicted that he would lose by 4 or 5 seats.  Instead, now he has the task of forming a new government.  Most people believe that this should not be too difficult.

One fact which must not be overlooked, is that the Arab party one 13 votes, making it the third-largest faction!  This is a powerful sign of the internal problems Israel will face.  Knowing that the majority of Arabs do not support Israel as a nation, we also have an enemy from within with which to contend!

Now that the election is over, let’s pray for Mr. Netanyahu and the leadership of Israel, that they will turn to HaShem for guidance and strength in the days to come.  We know that the future will be difficult for Israel, as all the nations turn against her.  We can only rely upon G-d for our strength and protection.

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