The (Jewish) Biblical Calendar

When you read the Bible, you will notice that the various holidays are not cited in months such as September, April or December, but rather Aviv, Tishre, Elul, etc. One way to get in tune with Israel, the land of the future, is to use a Jewish calendar to track the dates for the various holidays. A good Jewish calendar lists all of the holidays, parashiot (weekly Torah readings) and candle lighting times for Shabbat.

Holidays. Keeping track of and celebrating the Biblical Holidays is a great way to not only study the Word of G-d and G-d’s holidays, but to connect with the Jewish people and Land of Israel. As you are celebrating, you are doing so with millions of people in Israel and Jews around the world.

Parashiot. The weekly parasha is a set reading each week from the Torah and the Prophets. In every synogogue around the world, every Jewish person will be reading from the same portions of Scripture. As you read, and know of the millions of others who are reading the same portion from the Bible, it gives you a great opportunity to pray for those people and how that portion might speak to them in a mighty way.

Being in tune with the Biblical Calendar is a great way, on a daily basis, to remind yourself to pray for Israel and her people, to ponder the future events which will take place there, and to place yourself in a position to be used by G-d to bless Israel.

Jewish calendars can be ordered online. There are also Messianic Jewish calendars which can be ordered from places like

This is a great time to order one, as the calendars begin in September!

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