The Kolozsvar Ghetto

Site of the Kolozsvar Ghetto, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Have you ever heard of the Kolozsvar Ghetto?  I hadn’t either!  However, while researching the Jewish people in Romania, I discovered that there was a little-known Ghetto in Cluj-Napoca (formerly called Kolozsvar) in what was then the Kingdom of Hungary.  Between 1940 and 1947, the region was part of Hungary, but it was given back to Romania as a result of the Paris Peace Treaties.

The ghettoization took place in the period of about 1 week.  During this time, approximately 18,000 Jewish people were concentrated in the Iris brickyard in the northern part of the city.  There were virtually no facilities there.  The collecting of the people to this place was carried out by the local administrative and police authorities in cooperation with the nazis.  The local government in place was a puppet government of the German army.

The Romania Jews who were brought to this place were transported to Auschwitz in six transports, where the majority of them were murdered.

Yesterday, Baruch and I went there.  They have placed a commemorative plaque on one of the buildings, but it is otherwise not noticeable. 

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    1. I do not have an address for it. It was not easy to find. It is not near the city center, but in a more industrial area.

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