The Mezuzah

The Mezuzah

The mezuzah (literally, “doorpost”) is a small receptacle into which one places a piece of parchment. This is then affixed to the doorpost of the home. There are two passages from the book of Deuteronomy printed on the parchment. These verses explain the rationale for the mezuzah. These verses are Deut. 6:4-9 and Deut. 11.

The mezuzah itself may be as ornate or simple as one desires. To be a Kosher mezuzah, it must contain the parchment. Many people will hang the mezuzah without the parchment inside.

The mezuzah is positioned on the right doorpost, one-third down from the top. The upper portion of the mezuzah is slanted toward the inside of the house or room as one enters it. It is customary to touch the mezuzah with one’s fingers and then kiss them.

There is not a set ceremony for affixing a mezuzah, but you can google it if you would like to read some samples.

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