The Past Few Days


Pretty landscaping outside our new hospital.  Taken today.

The past few days have been very busy here.  Baruch has taped some new shows, we had our study at our center, and we had our Live Stream.  The Live Stream went really well.  For those on Youtube and Facebook, I really enjoy being able to communicate with you via live chat and FB comments.  It is fun to be able to participate together as we listen and learn.  Please plan to join us next week!  It begins at midnight Saturday nights in Israel.  That translates into 5:00 pm Saturday afternoon Eastern time (US), 4:00 pm Central (US), etc.  We hope you will join us next week!

A Thought About the Ukraine:  As many of you know, our television show is dubbed into Ukrainian and broadcast there on CNL-Christian Television.  From our visits to the Ukraine, we have met several people at Baruch’s conferences and we keep in touch with a few of them.

One man posts quite a bit on Facebook and his posts are a stark reminder of what is going on there.  The Ukraine is at war!  We need to remember that Russia is continuing to make land grabs and that soldiers are engaged in fighting–Ukrainian and Russian.

When we were in Cherkassy, Ukraine, we saw a memorial in the main park, where pictures of loved ones who have been killed in this conflict are posted and many flowers are laid.

Let’s please remember to pray for the people there.  It does not look like any country is going to come to their defense.

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