The Past Week or so

Baruch continues to produce 6 teachings each week; 2 in Hebrew and 4 in English. This is a very intense schedule, but he very much wants to take full advantage of the time while we are here at home in Israel. Baruch has recorded some short radio interviews for another organization; and also episodes of our radio show, Lost In Translation. He will be recording an interview for Australia next week as well.

Baruch has written an article for Tisha B’Av, which began this evening. Tisha B’Av is a fast day, which is difficult in the summer. It is quite hot here right now. I would like to encourage you to read the article here:

For those of you who are not watching our “Midnight From Jerusalem” Livestream, you are missing out! We have a great time watching the broadcast together on YouTube and Facebook! It also airs live on our website. If you miss it live, you can watch the edited version on YouTube or our My Bible Study app, which does not include the opening prayer and Bible readings. I have received several emails and messages from people who are learning so much from the book of Exodus teachings.

Here is a link to the latest teaching, Exodus 30 Part 2 for you to check out:

Here is a gallery of our week, including a few pics from Tel Aviv.

Many of these places I see when I go on my daily walks. Even though the number of COVID-19 cases has gone back up, people are still working, going to restaurants and cafes, etc. We are to have our masks with us at all times and I put mine up over my mouth and nose when I am in stores or on a bus. While walking outside for exercise it is fine to have it down under my chin. The closure of Israel to toursts is really hurting the economy. We are all hopeful that flights will open up. Currently we are not able to fly to Europe or many other countries.

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