The Pesach Kitchen

IMG_0994Some of my notes from over the years.

I’m not going to go into detail about making a kitchen kosher for Pesach, beyond stating that all of the drawers, appliances, etc. are thoroughly cleaned beforehand.  In most Jewish homes, we have a separate set of dishes (and pots and pans, many times) to use just for this holiday.  That is the case in our home.

To keep from having a large number of pots and pans, I have very few and use them, wash them, use them wash them.  What I mean by that is that I will cook a dish, transfer it into a disposable aluminum pan, wash the pot and cook the next dish, etc.

Several days before the seder, I make a menu for the seder night and the next day.  While we eat mostly the same food for both days, I do like to make one or two dishes and save them for the next day.  Once I set the menu, I make a comprehensive grocery list.  I have gone to the same grocery store by our home for 9 years, so I lay out the grocery list based upon how the store is laid out.  This also helps Baruch, as he does a lot of the grocery shopping for me.

Once your kitchen is kosher for Passover, then you can begin to cook!  What I like to do is make sure that I make some sort of easy meal for the day of the seder (and it will be kosher for Pesach, as the kitchen is already) so that our family can eat while I am cooking all day.

My next Pesach post will include a couple of our favorite recipes.


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