The Price of Terror

This is Hadar Cohen ז״ל.  Yesterday she was shot and killed in Jerusalem by terrorists.  She had been a Border Patrol police officer for two months.  She was 19 years old.  She and another female Border Patrol police officer were shot outside the Shechem Gate (Damascus Gate).  Let us pray for the recovery of her comrade Ravit.  Every day terrorist attacks take place here against Israelis.  Yet, the world tells us (Israel) to give away our land, “show restraint”, to be tolerant.  These types of events should wake up believers to realize that the world will turn on the Jewish people and on all believers.  We must be praying diligently for the Jewish people and for believers that we will be strong and that we will share the Gospel with those G-d puts in our lives.  The time is getting short!IMG_0653
Photo from the Friends of the IDF

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  1. Oh. G-od’s Bible tells us clearly of the evil that will come against Israel. I am an American Gentile. I stand with G-d’s Israel. I pray for G-d’s Israel. G-d’s is never wrong. Safara

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