The Rest of our South Africa Tour

A beautiful view from Stellenbosch, South Africa.

I shared with you already a bit about our trip to South Africa, namely Johannesburg.

After leaving Johannesburg, we drove with our hosts Ian and Lee to Howick, where they had arranged for Baruch to speak 2 evenings. There was a very good turnout and most of the people knew of Baruch and Love Israel. Pastor Scott Wheeler and his wife Nadine were very gracious and their hospitality of dinner at their home and refreshments for both evenings at the church were very much enjoyed and appreciated.

Below are photos I took of some of the wildlife we were able to see thanks to Ian and Lee. The incredible beauty of the animals and the land were a sight to behold.

We then flew down to Cape Town, where we were hosted by Chris and Betsie, the owners of Beit Salem, a very lovely Bed and Breakfast. They were gracious hosts, who not only provided the location for Baruch’s teaching, but provided our lodging and food as well. It was such a joy to get to know them.

With our hosts, Betsie and Chris, a beautiful vineyard with places to sit, and Beit Salem ready for our event. Below are photos from the Friday night event.

Our last location for Baruch to teach was at Salem Biblical Garden. It is a beautiful setting which provides much information and visuals about the Holy Land. What a great opportunity, especially for those who are not able to get to Israel, to see many interesting exhibits, maps, graphics and artifacts. Jack Castens was a gracious host who provided a very nice time of refreshments as well.

In conclusion, this was a great opportunity for us to connect with and encourage the people of South Africa. The people we met were very serious about the Bible and came prepared to learn. We appreciate all of the time, work and money put forth to make this trip a success. Here is information concerning the Bed and Breakfast and the Biblical Park:

Beit Salem Bed and Breakfast, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Salem Biblical Garden, Paarl, South Africa

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