Thinking Back on Alba-Iulia

Top 3 photos from the conferences.  Bottom photo, Jewish community president (far left) sharing with our friends Dan and Fran, as well as Baruch and me. (Photos:  George Popa)

The Romanian people are very special.  They are giving, caring, and wanting to learn the truth.  For some reason, G-d has really opened the door here and we are truly blessed.  While there this trip, we received no less than 4 invitations to new venues.

Alba-Iulia is special and the people in the pictures above came to studies on Monday during the day and Tuesday during the day (at 2 different locations).  On Monday Baruch spoke on several different theological issues and on Tuesday he taught the entire book of Ruth.

We find it very interesting how many people we meet have some connection with a Jewish person and how people are interested in Israel, the Jewish people and prophecy.  Of course these are all interconnected and it is a great foundation from which to share.

G-d has placed us in Romania regularly, as this is where we tape our television shows.  Therefore, we are so pleased to see the Romanian people embracing LoveIsrael and sound Bible teaching.



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