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The motivation for doing this blog is to connect you with Israel, our work here, and a little bit about us on a personal level.  I also hope to give you useful information, such as how the various Jewish (Biblical) holidays are celebrated and how to incorporate them into your life, at your comfort level.

Over the next couple of months, I plan to have a series on Purim (story of, customs, food), Pesach (Passover), Zionism (what it is and isn’t, the difference kinds).  I will also report on our conferences in Europe.

If there is something you are interested in me writing about, please feel free to leave me a comment below.  The major Bible teaching is Baruch’s area, so I will not do that, but I can draw from our years of living in the Charedi community to give insight into various areas of Jewish life today.

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  1. I am an American Gentile. I located your Web site via to which G-d led me to after I prayed to know the most truth of Him possible–not mans prideful doctrine. I understand you as the way you write short and to the point not long and drawn out as well as you explain things clearly. I would love to know as a Gentile (grafted in via Israel) what and how to follow G-d’s ordained Biblical Feast. I know longer desire pork. So, as each G-d ordained time comes up it would be great to say today we do whatever it is you do. I would love it as I want to follow the Jewish way. Thank you for all you do–it makes a difference as without G-d’s way one is so empty and so behind.

    Please pray for me to know how to survive my new job working in a hospital–so poorly run, money is their G-d, the nurses cuss and even the CEO said a cuss word during our orientation. I trust G-d to soon delivery me to a better place even though there is not many opportunities in my town. Please pray for me to ALWAYS hear G-d leading me and to be totally in His will. Safara

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