This Week in Israel

This is a very important week in Israel. Memorial Day is tomorrow (it began this evening at sundown) and tomorrow evening Independence Day begins. Tonight at 8:00 pm there was a 1 minute siren, where everyone stands in remembrance of those soldiers who have died for Israel.

After debate, it was decided that there will be fireworks tomorrow night in Israel. Everyone is hoping that restrictions will be lifted soon.

We have had the opportunity to Skype with most of our teams, which has been very rewarding. They have given us great reports, including our Northern Europe team which reports that the television network which broadcasts our program has received many positive comments about them.

Neighborhood synagogue today.

I am very thankful that we are allowed to walk around, albeit with masks. Here are a couple of pictures from my walk today:

The weather here has been mostly sunny with temperatures around 71 degrees F (22 degrees C).

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