Throw out the Lifeline!


Lifeguard house, Eilat

Throw out the life line with hand quick and strong:
Why do you tarry, why linger so long?
See! he is sinking; oh, hasten today
And out with the life boat! away, then away!
These words are part of an old hymn written in 1888.  They resonate with me today, as I came across on my Facebook feed a video shared by a friend.  It shows a post-it note with the words “You are amazing” being passed from sad person to hurt person to heartbroken person.  It made me think about how many people with whom we come in contact are feeling.
While “You are amazing” are maybe not the words which are needed, the Bible is full of hope, love, confidence and everything we need to help repair hearts and souls.  So many article and videos focus on ourselves and not loving our neighbour as ourselves.  Let’s try to take some focus off of ourselves and see how we can lend a hand of spiritual encouragement to our brothers and sisters in the L-rd!
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