Time is Running Out


LoveIsrael.org focuses on the lost sheep of the house of Israel. The largest part of our effort is spent here in Israel. Our emphasis is to share Biblical truth with Hebrew speakers in a manner which they can understand and respond to the Truth of G-d. Over that last two years, we have set aside a significant part of our budget for Spanish speakers. We are now producing three videos each week in Spanish and broadcasting our weekly television program throughout the Spanish speaking world of North, South and Central America via TBN’s Enlace network and TBN Espana, which covers Spain and other major cities with large Spanish speaking communities. We have also produced an App entitled Mi Estudio Biblico, which contains all of our Spanish Videos. We are grateful to Yosef and Carrie Rivera who oversee our Spanish work and Einstein Guzman who is the voice of our Spanish videos and handles our production issues for our video distributions on the internet and on the TV Networks previous mentioned.


There are nearly a dozen languages in which we are producing materials. Although we are called V’ahavtah Yisroel (Love Israel), we strive to be global minded in reaching people. This brings me to the heart of this blog post. For nearly five years, we have be producing videos in both Russian and Ukrainian. These programs are broadcast via CNL and TV7 in to Russia and the Ukraine. Please take the 90 seconds to watch Michael, who serves with us in Israel, share some distressing news about changes in Russia in regard to religious freedom. Baruch shared with you a few weeks ago a meeting we had with TBN Russia. Michael attended this meeting along with Jared Wilkins our Media agent to expand our presence in Russia. We have reached an agreement to broadcast Baruch’s teaching on the most available network in Russia and as a bonus have these same teachings telecast into Israel on HOT cable on a special channel in Russian, which has excellent viewership among Russian speakers in Israel. This is nearly a million and a half people. We have raised approximately 70% of the needed funds. Please pray about assisting us to begin these broadcasts. The changes happening in Russia today lead many to conclude that there will not be the opportunity to share Biblical based teaching into Russia in the near future.

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