Time to Reset!

Today I uploaded a new video to the Biblically Inspired Life channel on YouTube.  I hope you’ll check it out.

Even though this isn’t the Biblical New Year, it is still a good time to assess our lives, whether it is our spiritual, mental, physical or emotional area.  Throughout our lives we need tikkunim (repairs) and a time of reflection and assessment.

Personally, I always need to remind myself to live intentionally.  Sometimes I go day by day not really fully engaged in what I am doing.  When we live that way, it is easier to get off track from the goals and direction G-d has for us.  So that is one area I want to focus on this year.

As I showed in the video, I have a notebook to organise my prayer and Bible study notes. I also have a daily list for my LoveIsrael.org work.

I hope this short video will encourage you to assess and improve your walk with the L-rd!  Feel free to leave a comment with one area you’d really like to work on in 2019!

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  1. yes so very true..especially one gets older you appreciate a list and certain organizers which are your daily reminders to stay focused. Thank you for your very insightful share, I enjoy your little video episodes very much.

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