Timisoara, Romania

On the set at the Alfa and Omega studio in Timisoara, Romania.

After our days in Targoviste, we headed to our next stop, Timisoara, Romania. On Sunday morning, March 20, Baruch spoke at the morning service at Emanuel Church. The co-pastors are Marius and Radu. Radu has done editing for some of Baruch’s books in the Romanian language and Marius translated his message during the service.

In the evening, Baruch spoke at The Rock Church (Biserica Stanca Timisoara). This church is very supportive of Israel and they made us feel very welcome. Their pastor is Neagoe Liviu. Our Team Leader George was very impressed with the pastor’s good heart concerning our LoveIsrael organization and Israel in general. He understood the importance of the last days and their implications in Israel and the Kingdom of G-d.

Baruch with Pastor Liviu.

The next morning, Baruch, George and I went to the Alfa and Omega studio. Tudor and Mirela Petan, husband and wife, own the network and have such great hearts to share the Word of G-d. We are so blessed to be working with them and they broadcasting our television show multiple times each week. They are also printing Baruch’s books in the Romanian language. Baruch and I taped one show with Tudor and then Baruch taped some additional ones with him.

In the evening, we returned to Emanuel Church. Baruch spoke to the men and I spoke to the women. Baruch spoke about the role of husband and I spoke about the Influence of a Believing (Christian) Woman. It was a great time and I enjoyed speaking to the women.

Next time I will share about our time in Cluj and Beius, Romania!

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