Today at Daystar in Dallas


Today, Baruch and I were at the Daystar studios in Dallas.  I always enjoy going there.  They are very professional and the sets are beautiful.  Baruch was interviewed live on the “Marcus and Joni” show and he was also interviewed for “The Green Room” show (see above).  The Green Room episode will air at a later date.

Carrol, who arranged our conference in Dallas, also came to the studio while Baruch was interviewed.  He has been very supportive and has spoken to several people in leadership who want to schedule another conference!  It is very encouraging to meet people who are serious about the Word of G-d and are excited to study it.

As I type this, Israel is being bombarded with rockets which are being shot out of Gaza.  We would ask for your prayers, as we hate to be away from our children during times like these.  But, we are in constant contact with them and they are all currently safe.

With the current situation, it was nice to be around believers who are concerned for Israel and pray for her peace.

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  1. I have watched the 8pm CST. I will continue praying for more and more viewers to tune in LoveIsrael’s broadcast for the Word of Truth. Could you tell me what is the prayer Baruch said in Hebrew? May G-d continue to bless you and Baruch, Israel and for HIS people.

    1. Hi Anna! The prayer Baruch said was just a spontaneous prayer for people to be in the Word and be drawn to the L-rd and deepen their walk. It was not a specific, traditional prayer. Thank you for your prayer and encouragement.

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