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This is the view out our window today.  In Israel, we receive all of our rain between November and May.  No rain dates needed for picnics in the summer!  In a country filled with sun most of the time, these dreary days are actually a nice change.  It is a good day to play instrumental music, drink tea and bake…and prepare for Shabbat!

It is great news that the U.S. plans to reduce funding to the Palestinians.  The money the Palestinians receive never makes it to the people.  It is used by their terrorist leaders and it must be stopped.  These celebrities and others who come out and slam the decision have most likely never been to Israel, do not understand that territories which transfer from Israeli administration to Palestinian administration become terrorist-filled anti-Christian areas.  We personally know Palestinians who have told us of the increased persecution once Israeli troops withdraw.

I just spoke to Baruch on the phone.  He held a small event in the Los Angeles area and we want to thank everyone who attended.  He was so glad to meet each of you!


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  1. Michael Pritchard

    Your comments are as usual right on the money (no pun intended.) President Trump has made yet another courageous move in support of peace and Israel. The fury of the liberal left is again unleashed in their opposition of ALL THINGS TRUMP. They have no interest in the reality of the Palestinian political leaders interest in maintaining the war against Israel , which has been going strong all the way back to the outlaw Arafat. Meryl Streep, Tom Hanks and the other “actors” who, because of their visibility and fame in the movie industry believe they have a special right to “call out” the President on these issues of which they have only the lies of the LA Palestinian talking heads to rely upon do not speak for the average American who sees the truth of the Palestinian goal: the destruction of Israel by bits and pieces or in one attack by the Iranian puppet masters through their client proxies, the terrorist groups you know well in Israel. They are an embarrassment and shame to all true American Christians who should support Israel unequivocally. The United Nations is a joke and the more they try to impose the “world global order’s” will upon Israel the more we will hopefully withdraw support of this body of dictators and terrorist supporters.

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