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I took the photos above today while out on my morning walk. The picture on the left shows how many people who live in apartments and condos build their sukkah. It is permissible to build them this way as long as there is not another balcony or other obstruction above the roof of the sukkah.

The middle photo shows an outdoor synagogue which has been constructed due to the coronavirus restrictions. Israel is on lockdown and is expected to continue in this way for at least the month of October! The white cabinet in the middle of the picture contains the Torah scroll.

This is a very difficult time for the people of Israel. Malls, restaurants and other businesses are closed an many people are out of work. Hotels are all closed and weddings have been postponed. Just today, Benjamin Netanyahu said that if the coronavirus lockdown doesn’t work, they will make it even stricter!

The Sukkot (Feast of Tabernacles) holiday begins tonight. Just as it was for Passover this year, families who live in different cities will not be able to join together to celebrate. This holiday emphasizes our dependence upon G-d. Let’s all reflect upon this truth during this special Biblical holiday.

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  1. Ingrid christina kern

    Let’s remember our utter dependence on Hashem and draw nearer to Him on this Feast giving thanks for his abundant provisions and keeping us like a loving Father! Thanks and praise to Him alone, our Creator, Our Master, Our Father, Our Redeemer, Our Shepherd! “Chag Sameach!”

  2. Regarding Baruch’s teaching on today on Exodus 35, he answered a question I was going to send you regarding false prophets! No coincidence since the L-rd knew what was in my heart. You’re ministry & teachings have been & are life savers; we’ve learned so much it still amazes us. Thank you for all you do to share with us G-d’s word.
    The nearest synagogue to us is 4 hrs away round trip & they don’t follow Kashrut & believe festivals are for Jewish individuals. This is very sad. We do celebrate Shabbat & holidays with 3 other families, which keeps us connected.
    Again, thank you for your ministry.
    Shalom, Cristina Rupp

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